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How do you hire and manage Accounting Graduates?

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Accounting graduates and early career seekers are the future of our profession. Yet more often than not, they take up the most time when hiring and managing to get…

Sponsored Features Alisdair Barr, Founder and CEO at Striver 26 November 2020
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Accounting graduates and early career seekers are the future of our profession. Yet more often than not, they take up the most time when hiring and managing to get them to the point of market utilisation, which is the point where your investment in them is financially returned to your business. Yet many firms don’t spend the time thinking about how to solve this challenge.


So why should accounting professionals spend time thinking about how we hire and manage early career participants?

  • By being more strategic around hiring talent, we can avoid the excessive costs and pitfalls of a typical recruitment approach
  • By understanding graduates and early career seekers, we can grow them into our unique business processes
  • If we employ a formalised process around resourcing and management, we’ll achieve greater staff retention and improved market utilisation
  • Young people can benefit our business in terms of different ways of thinking and native technology skills
  • Mentoring the next generation provides longer-term sustainability of our business and the profession as a whole

We know that’s a lot to ask for any accounting firm, so Striver has started doing the heavy lifting for you to help you work on your business, not just within your business. Striver undertook profession leading and first of its kind research with the financial planning profession in 2016.  The primary goal was to identify the drivers of a successful early career seeker relationship. As a result, we built a framework for helping employer firms hire and manage that talent more effectively.

What does the ‘Accountant of the Future’ look like to you?

Striver is now looking to extend this research and subsequent support tools to the Accounting Profession. The research paper resulting from this study will help accounting firms to be more strategic around hiring and retaining early career participants and graduates. If we can identify the factors and issues that influence early career seeker/graduate and firm relationships, we can build the support that firms need. We know from our experience with financial advisory firms that tools like this, help firms more effectively achieve the financial payback for the hire they make. It has also shown to help the participants (managers and recruits) model good behaviours and improve retention.

The survey will take you around 3 minutes to complete and we invite you to complete the survey through this link.

In return for your participation, we will provide you a copy of our white paper once it has been completed. Additionally, at the end of the survey, we will provide you with our current best practice framework called ‘The Perfect Marriage – The Graduate and the Firm’ at no cost. If you have hired early career talent or graduates into your firm or would like to have your say on how to hire them effectively, we look forward to your participation. 

And if you’d like to join the Striver Tribe at no cost, please follow this link to set up your account: Right now we’re giving away a free e-book ‘Your Professional Headspace’ by Scott Charlton to those who join. Filled with real life examples, checklists and tips, ‘Your Professional Headspace’ is a practical guide to achieving a more fulfilling and financially rewarding life as a professional in practice. 


Author: Alisdair Barr, Founder and CEO at Striver

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Alisdair Barr is the founder and CEO of Striver. He’s also been a key figure in developing the best practice frameworks for how financial advisory and accounting firms hire and manage early career talent. Alisdair has been recognised by the AFA for his contribution to the advice profession, including the best practice study and frameworks within ‘The Perfect Marriage –The Graduate and the Firm’. When he’s not working for clients with Striver, you’ll probably find Alisdair spending time with his young family

How do you hire and manage Accounting Graduates?
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